"European Operations Centre "

The Special Carrier moved into a new European Operation Centre in March 2004. The purpose built office and warehouse complex is the first stage in a £1,000,000 investment program to expand operation capabilities of the premier UK dedicated carrier. Phase II of the project is set to begin in the 2nd Quarter of 2014, to add new services and to increase the operation capacity of The Special Carrier.


The operations centre is equipped with a state of the art security and surveillance system linked to a powerful IT system utilising the latest high-tech communications systems.

The operation centre provides control and backup support to the fleet 24 hours a day, ensuring all vehicles arrive at their destination on time - every time! The operations centre provides full maintenance facilities, and all vehicles under-go extensive pre-mission checks before leaving for Europe.

Ideally situated, the operations centre is a hive of activity during the night – with fresh drivers replacing our UK drivers before leaving for Europe – this ensures we leave the UK with the maximum driving hours available, rather than arriving in Dover with insufficient hours left to reach the destination in Europe, which gives us a major advantage over our northern based rivals and an unbeatable next day delivery range from Dover.

"Aiko makes an exhibitionist of himself"  

Aiko Priemer, has been taking time out from his usual operational position  to specialise in the Exhibition and Event logisitcs market sector. He has spent much of the last few months talking to the Event and Entertainment industry to ensure The Special Carrier is able to meet the needs and demands of the industry.

As a result of these efforts The Special Carrier has been involved in numerous high profile events, both public and confidential.

The special demands of this high pressure and very personal business has dove-tailed perfectly with The Special Carriers philosophy - to always be there when we`re needed - 24 Hours a Day - EVERYDAY!

For more information about this specialised side of our business - Call Aiko direct on +44 7966113909




Ever since a small boy I’ve always loved cars, motorbikes and anything motor sport, if it ran on petrol and was fast I was watching it but if I had to blame my obsession for Formula 1 on anything it would have to be my first Scalextric set which included a fantastic black and gold 1977 john player special Lotus, the excitement of racing over and over on that track in my room challenging family and friends to races and dreaming of what it would be like to be bumping tyres with other cars and beating that other driver to last corner before speeding down the home straight to take the chequered flag was without doubt the starting point of my love of motor sport.

Following various motor sports from Touring cars, WRC and Super bikes to mention a few I really became fixed on Formula 1 in my early teens during the great Nigel Mansell, Alain Prost and of course the early start of the fabulous Ayrton Senna years, my passion continued to grow for the high octane sport and so did the technology involved, the speed of the cars and the popularity and coverage of such an exhilarating sporting event, as the F1 circus moved around an ever increasing and thrilling list of circuits from traditional European events to new high speed circuits of the Middle East and Asia for example.

Having been able to attend several F1 weekends a couple of which here in the UK at Silverstone and experiencing in the flesh the fantastic atmosphere around the track and seeing the huge task of moving such an event from circuit to circuit it has always been my goal to be more than just a fan and somehow include my childhood love of motor sport into my working adult life, after working for The Special Carrier for over 15 years I have made my way to my current position of Operations Manager from Warehouse operative and along the way been lucky enough to make a few deliveries including a fantastic opportunity to deliver to one of my favourite drivers of the 90’s the UK’s very own Damon Hill, we were to deliver a shipment of furniture to his private residence which I obviously volunteered for the minute I heard about it.

Clutching my framed limited edition pencil drawn picture of Damon and his 1996 Championship wining Williams FW18 I set off to make the delivery and hopefully get a glimpse of Damon and possibly even get him to autograph my picture, once delivered I asked Mrs Hill if Damon was at home as I was a huge fan and was hoping for an autograph to which she very kindly told me that he was currently out on a run but I was more than welcome to wait for him to return and she would send him out to my van, I couldn’t believe it when Damon appeared at the side of the van literally having just run up the lane and then been sent out to me for his autograph, without doubt a fantastic moment and just another reason for my love of the sport.

Now in the position of Business Development Manager I’ve been given the chance to help the growth and continued success of The Special Carrier and when asked what area of the vast expanse of our industry would I most like to concentrate on there really was only going to be one answer which of course was motor sport and in particular Formula 1.

I’m certain that my passion and flare for both motor sport and my part in our team at the Special Carrier will prove to be a winning formula of its own.



Phill " Tenzing" Henley - Financial Director and Intrepid Explorer completed a successful assault on the summit of Kilimanjaro in January this year - accompanied and we suspect carried part of the way by his son and daughter, though this is still to be confirmed. His family have been sworn to secrecy, but his walking boots which he has proudly displayed on his office wall look like they are nearly new!!.. Mind you, he has been eager to point out the small stone wedged into the tread that we`re told is a chuck of rock from the summit!  I`ve examined it closely and it`s very very similar to the grit in the rock salt mix we use to clear the yard. I`ve not licked it to check for saltiness just yet - I may delegate that task!

But regardless of our suspicions - he`s got a certificate - so we`ve got to hand it to the "Old Boy"  Congratulations!!!

Phillip is also a very keen rambler and during our recent interview to get the full story  he proved how keen a rambler he was ... and rambled on and on and on...  here`s a short extract of his adventure.....

"A personal challenge accompanied by one of my daughters and my son together with my sister in law was to climb Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania, the highest mountain in Africa at 5895 metres. We had chosen the Rongai route which is one of several routes but the only one that accesses it from the North, near the border with Kenya.

We arrived at our Hotel in Marangu on 5.1.13 after our flight from Heathrow via Addis Ababa(Ethiopia). An afternoon and evening of rest before driving for about two hours the next morning to Nale Moru where we checked in for the climb and met our guides and porters. From there we commenced our 5 night/6 day trek. We had one other person join our group to make 5 in total and were then chaperoned by 3 guides and 15 porters. We eached carried our day pack with water, wet gear, and anything else needed during the day and the porters carried our other bags together with all the camping and cooking equipment.

The most important thing on our journey was to drink plenty of water ( at least 3 litres a day) and go “Pole Pole” the Swahili words for “slowly, slowly”. This was to ensure that we acclimatised to the altitude as well as possible. All went well and we arrived at Kibo Huts (Base Camp at 4750 metres) about lunch time on the 4th day. “Eat, rest and be ready for the climb to the summit at midnight. Wear five layers of clothing and two pairs of trousers and cover your head and face, was the recommendation. It’s going to be at least -20 degrees with a bitter wind”. At 00.20 we started our climb, following the footsteps of the person in front.

As we climbed we all were feeling the effects of the altitude. It’s Headaches, woozy, spaced out. Energy bars or sweets had been advised but none of us really felt like eating. We were all suffering from the altitude and the cold. Onwards and upwards walking on frozen scree but with only a headtorch for lighting. Stops for rest were extremely short, we had to keep going. We arrived at the top at about 06.30 but still had to walk for about another hour (only about 250 metres higher) before reaching Uhuru Peak-the highest point in Africa.

A quick photo shoot and we were whisked away to get back down before real altitude sickness set in. By this time the sun was getting stronger, we were getting hotter and the scree beneath our feet was now loose and dangerous for descent. Back to base camp, a late brunch, and off we go again for a 6 hour walk to our penultimate camp site but a different route (Marangu) down which gave us different views. A very long stint of about 15 hours walking . Needless to say we slept well. The final day was about 5-6 hour walk to exit at Marangu gate and then a 2 hour drive to Arusha for our hotel."

A truly excellent effort from a chap in his "60`s".

Phill is also available for public appearances, fete`s and carnivals -  due to his extraordinary resemblance to Sir Cliff Richard, I think they share the secret of eternal youth...mind you he`s starting to look a little frayed round the edges lately...  ;O) Cliff not Phill!



THE SPECIAL CARRIER has opportunities for Casual and Part Time drivers for UK and European work..




LGV II & 7.5T



To be able to drive our LGV vehicles which are all equipped with a digital tachograph unit - you will need to apply for a Digital Tachograph Drivers Card from the DVLA using the following form which currently costs £38 and is valid for 5 years. You now need a Drivers Certificate of Professional Competance (CPC) to drive vehicles over 3500kg GVW

for information indiana@adventurerswanted.info


To save and print any of these forms Click or Right Click and then Save as

Digital Tacho Card Application Form


Download Application Form in Word Format

Download Application Form in PDF Format

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