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Shop Fitting, Retail and Point of Sale Freight


Thanks to our selection of vehicles, in-depth road knowledge, and experienced drivers, we are able to deliver Shop Fitting, Retail and Point of Sale Freight to anywhere in Europe. Whether your delivery needs to go to a remote rural location in the Alps or be whizzed along the autobahn, The Special Carrier team will be on your side to ensure its safe arrival.

Though it may often elude the public eye, interior fit out companies are working behind the scenes in Europe all the time. At the Special Carrier, we believe that the art of interior outfitting does not receive a fraction of the attention it deserves relative to its importance to both consumer and businesses alike.

Hotels, Museums, Retail, Science centres, Leisure centres, Heritage and Cultural centres and Commercial properties in Europe all rely on fit out projects for their image, efficiency, and success at the point of sale. The science behind the beauty of a richly decorated and flawlessly arranged hotel foyer for instance, is not brought about by chance, nor by the brilliance of one individual, but by the combined efforts of many skilled parts in an often complex chain.

Specialist logistics is a part of that chain, and at the Special Carrier, we are specialist logistics.

Having been involved in the careful and effective distribution and installation of outfitting and point of sale freight for over 30 years, we are confident in our ability to bring you an unrivalled service unlike any you've had before. Operating throughout Europe 24 hours a day we never stop and we never say no, which gives us the edge in precision transport as we are always and without fail; "There when you need us".

We know that, given the fragile and bespoke nature of much of your fit-out freight your primary concerns will be care, security, speed and punctuality. Therefore, we have made them our primary concerns.

Our attention to detail is second to none in the handling of your irreplaceable fit-out consignments, and with the use of tail lifts, powered lifting equipment and well trained 2-man driver teams we make sure their safety is always of paramount importance.

Extreme care and sound client communication are key values to us, and with a fleet of unmarked satellite tracked vehicles, in combination with regular updates we are able to help you keep your eyes fixed firmly on your shipment to Europe throughout day and night.

Double manned driver teams, besides being helpful and attentive on site, also enable us to fully express your cargo, giving us around 800 miles of reach from Dover UK, for a next day delivery.

However, though we have tricks up our sleeve that allow us to meet tight time windows with little warning, we prefer to plan meticulously to achieve stellar punctuality. Thus; day and night you'll find us attentive, and ready to deliver whenever, wherever you need us.

So, when you plan your fit-out operations in Europe, don't forget; any service you can provide relies on a chain which can only be as strong as its weakest link. If you want that service to really be special, don't compromise on your expert logistics link, and call the Special Carrier today.

High Value Goods Express Delivery to Europe

At The Special Carrier, we appreciate that when you ask us to deliver your high value goods to Europe, you′re putting your trust in us - we take that responsibility very, very seriously

Certified Hazardous Chemicals (Hazchem) Carrier to Europe

The Special Carrier team understands that you are unwilling to sacrifice on security, safety, or timeliness when it comes to the delivery of your hazardous chems

Film and TV Props Transportation to Europe

At The Special Carrier, we appreciate that the delivery of film and TV props to Europe is a sensitive business

European Dedicated Express Freight to Europe

When we set out to deliver your dedicated express freight to Europe or any other part of Europe, our main concern is that you feel confident in our ability to do so

Secure Automotive Parts Transport to Europe

Automotive parts, whether that be heating and cooling systems or whole engines, are always going to be in high demand in Europe

Fine Art and Wine Delivery to Europe

Many of us enjoy life's little luxuries, such as fine art and wine

Express Pharmaceuticals Delivery to Europe

The responsibility to deliver pharmaceutical products to Europe is one that The Special Carrier team do not take lightly

Aircraft On Ground Logistics to Europe

In Europe, transportation is both a thriving economy and a key component of every day life for the vast majority of its citizens

Ship Spares Transport to Europe

From pumps to main engines, the team at The Special Carrier is able to expertly handle a huge variety of ship spares

Express Freight from UK to Europe

At The Special Carrier we specialise in speedy service

Nextday Freight to Europe

As a dedicated European freight service, we're able to get to Europe within 12-36 hours

Temperature Controlled Freight to Europe

In order to ensure that your temperature-controlled goods get to Europe as they should do, our dedicated European freight service uses specially designed temperature-controlled trucks and our drivers take the quickest routes possible

Time Critical Freight from UK to Europe

Time is of the essence when it comes to many of the deliveries that we take on at The Special Carrier, which is why we're proud to specialise in delivering time-critical freight to Europe

Dangerous Goods Delivery to Europe

The safety of your dangerous goods is our number one priority when we deliver to Europe

Exhibition Freight to Europe

When you're putting on an event or exhibition, we know it's vital that your delivery team is able to cope with your time restrictions as well as with larger deliveries

Shop Fitting, Retail and Point of Sale Freight to Europe

Though it may often elude the public eye, interior fit out companies are working behind the scenes in Europe all the time

IT and Networking Logistics to Europe

The vast majority of modern businesses in Europe rely on efficient and functional IT equipment and infrastructure

Aerospace and Defence Freight to Europe

With every day that passes security in Europe becomes less stable and less predictable

Express Pharma Delivery to Europe

The responsibility to deliver pharmaceutical products to Europe is one that The Special Carrier team do not take lightly

We Deliver Dedicated Freight throughout Europe, including:

Austria, Belgium, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Europe, Channel Islands, Scandinavia, Eastern Europe, European Islands, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Estonia, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Gibraltar, Lichtenstein, Monaco and San Marino

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